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Student Competition

Michael E. Miller Student Competition

Annual student poster competition at the AEHS Foundation East Coast Conference

One $1000 award and two $500 awards will be given to three students who have made the best poster presentations at the conference. Presentations will be judged on originality, organization, communication, research techniques, and the overall quality of the presentation.

The judges will be made up of representatives from the Conference Scientific Advisory Board and representative(s) from the sponsoring organization(s). Several evaluation factors have been developed by the committee including the following: Topic Selection/Innovation, Research and Analysis Techniques Utilized, Poster Organization and Structure, Quality of Presentation Materials and Communication of Poster Content. Each presentation will be ranked using a mathematical scale. Award recipients will be invited to and acknowledged during the appreciation dinner Wednesday evening (or via virtual Awards Ceremony).

  • Open to all full- and part-time students (post-docs are excluded).

  • Must be a current student at the time of the conference/competition.

  • Past winners may not re-enter subsequent year's competitions.

The registration fee is waived for student presenters. Use discount code STUDENTCOMP

If you are a student and wish to participate in the competition, please indicate as such during the submission of your abstract. The February deadline does not apply to this competition. Students may submit an abstract for consideration anytime prior to September 13, 2024.

Past Winners



Varsha Niroula

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA


Gustavo Salcedo

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA



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