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Dr. Michael E. Miller Student Competition Scholarship

The Michael E. Miller Student Competition takes place at our annual East Coast Conference each October. One $1000 prize and two $500 prizes are awarded to three students who have made the best poster presentations at the conference. Presentations are judged on originality, organization, communication, research techniques, and the overall quality of the presentation.

The judges are made up of representatives from the Conference Scientific Advisory Board and representative(s) from the sponsoring organization(s). Several evaluation factors have been developed by the committee including the following: Topic Selection/Innovation, Research and Analysis Techniques Utilized, Presentation/Poster Organization and Structure, Quality of Presentation Materials, and Communication of Presentation/Poster Content. Each presentation is ranked using a mathematical scale. Award recipients are invited to and acknowledged during the Appreciation Dinner, which takes place on Wednesday evening during the conference.

Open to all full- and part-time students (post-docs excluded).

If you are a student and wish to participate in the competition, please indicate as such during the submission of your abstract. The February deadline does not apply to this competition. Click the button below for more information.

Dr. Michael E. Miller

In 2017, AEHS Foundation renamed the East Coast Conference Student Competition in memory of the former Chair of the competition, Michael E. Miller. Mike was an integral part of the Scientific Advisory Board, conference planning, and the student competition for many years. He was passionate about the competition and the next generation of environmental scientists who came to showcase their work at the conferences. His dedication to furthering science through knowledge, education, and the emerging leadership of students was his hallmark. Mike was not only a colleague, but a friend of the Foundation. He will be greatly missed. The Michael E. Miller Student Competition will carry on his name and memorialize his accomplishments and dedication for years to come.

 July 13, 1959 - April 9, 2017

APPLICATION/SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Early September (see East Coast Conference Student Competition for exact deadline)

AWARD DATE: Appreciation Dinner at the East Coast Conference

AWARD ADMINISTRATION: Checks are mailed to the winners after the conference

AMOUNT: $1,000.00 and $500.00

The Foundation is currently accepting contributions for this scholarship.

One hundred percent of your donation will go directly into the scholarship fund. All related expenses, such as administration and overhead, are paid for by the AEHS Foundation.

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