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New Technologies for Soil Reclamation and Desert Greenery

Edited by Nader M. Al-Awadhi and Faisal K. Taha

US $49.95, 2002, 352 pp. ISBN: 1-884940-25-0 

New Technologies for Soil Reclamation and Desert Greenery

(Proceedings of the Joint KISR – PEC Symposium)

Edited by Nader M. Al-Awadhi and Faisal K. Taha

US $49.95, 2002, 352 pp. ISBN: 1-884940-25-0 

For the past five years, the Petroleum Energy Center in Japan has been organizing annual symposia jointly with Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to promote the enhancement of the desert environment, with an emphasis on greenery development. These symposia have been held in Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, and have attracted considerable interest from the scientists and professionals active in related scientific fields in the GCC countries as well as worldwide. In bringing together these scientists, the symposia provided international forums for the exchange of view sand information. Kuwait was selected to host the symposium December 7-9, 1998. This symposium was organized and sponsored by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and the Petroleum Energy Center (PEC).


The symposium program included invited and volunteered papers in addition to field visits to water desalination plants and a Kuwait Oil Company site for bioremediation activities. The speakers came from Kuwait, Japan, North America, Europe and GCC countries. A total of twenty-three scientific presentations were made during the three-day program. An international review panel prepared comprehensive recommendations to guide the development of sustained greenery and the reclamation of polluted soil.


This publication presents the overall state of present efforts made by scientists in developed and developing countries with regard to the development of greenery and the enhancement of the environment in arid zones. This book is a valuable reference and source of information for those interested in desert greening and environmental improvement.


Table of Contents


Part I - Ornamental Plant Production Technologies

1. The Impact of Landscape Changes on Weather Modification in Western Australia in Summer, Dayin Li, Hiroshi Komiyama, Kazuo Kurihara, and Yasuo Sato

2. Selection of Ornamental and Landscape Plants for the Implementation of the National Greenery Plan of Kuwait, F.K. Taha and N.R. Bhat

3. Hydroponics of Vegetable and Ornamental Plant Production in Japan, Hiroshi Aoki

4. Application of Tissue Culture Technologies for the Propagation of Ornamental Plants, Mostafa M. AboEl-Nil

5. Molecular Basis of Salt-Tolerance in Plants: A Review, M. Saleem

Part II - Landscape Design/Open Space

6. Planning for Environmental Beautification and Improvement in Urban and Arid Zones, Michael V. Dyett

7. Urban Greening as Bioclimatic Design and its Thermal Control Effects on Urban and Building Environments, Akira Hoyano 

8. Landscaping Development and Beautification Strategies in Kuwait: Its Past, Present, and Future, Khalaf Al-Shatti

9. The Use of Remote Sensing Imagery to Monitor Greenery Development in Kuwait City, Andy Yaw Kwarteng

10. Desert Greening in the Wadi Al-Rumah Watershed System in 1998 Observed by Remote Sensing, Sultan Al-Sultan, S. Tanaka, A.Hoyano, T. Sugimura 

11. Development of a Plant Resource Database for Arid Regions, Tomoo Shoji

Part III - Irrigation Technologies/Water Use

12. Recent Advances for the Effective Treatment of Municipal Sewage for Reuse in Hot Arid Regions, Geoffrey Hamer and Eoin Casey

13. Sewerage System, Wastewater Management, and the Treated Sewage Effluent Reuse Plans for Kuwait, Wasmia Al-Eissa

14. Dynamic Model for Irrigation Water Management of Multi-Fields for Desert Greening in the Gulf Region, Walid A. Abderrahaman, Jamaldeen Esuflebbe, Ibrahim Al-Harazin, and Niaz Mohammed

15. Proper Distribution of Water Based on Computer Simulation, Yoshihiko Hiraga, Yoh Okabe, Hideyuki Miyoshi

16. Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Purification and Reclamation of Potable Water Quality for Non-Potable Uses, Mahmoud Abdel-Jawad


Part IV - Soil Reclamation Technologies

17. Plant-Soil Water Relationships in Kuwait for Greenery Development, M. Abdal and S. Al-Ghawas

18. Quality of Stony Soils and Their Remediation by Humus Formation-Results from the Field Trial on Shales from Hard Coal Mining of Waltrop, Ruhr Area, Wolfgang Burghardt and Monika Niggemeyer

19. Phytotoxicity Assessment of Bioremediated Soil, N. Al-Awadhi, R. Al-Daher, M.T. Balba, H. Chino, H. Tsuji, and T. Matsubara

20. Removal of Sand Salts: Capture Method from Soils Using a Paper Core, Hiroyuki Li

21. Recent Technological Advances in Characterization and Reclamation of Salt-Affected Soils in Arid Zones, Shabbir A. Shahid

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