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 Natural Chemicals in Sediments

By Sharon Mason and James Dragun

US $39.95, 1996, 204pp. ISBN: 1-884940-04-8

Natural Chemicals in Sediments

By Sharon Mason and James Dragun, Dragun Corporation, Farmington Hills, Michigan 

US $39.95, 1996, 204pp. ISBN: 1-884940-04-8  

In order to assess the magnitude of contamination to wetland or coastal areas you need to establish background concentrations for the chemicals in question. Natural Chemicals in sediments is a comprehensive reference text that provides regional background data for "naturally" occurring organic and inorganic chemicals in sediments.

An invaluable reference tool for hydrogeologists, geologists, civil engineers, environmental scientists, toxicologists and biologists who must identify and determine the significance of chemicals analysis of sediments. This book will be useful in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, toxicity studies, bioassays, risk assessments, and remediation plans.

It is the primary purpose of this book to present background data to aid in the assessment of contamination of sediments. The sediments that are discussed in this book refer to the loose, unconsolidated layers of sediment transported and deposited by water.

This book is designed to be an easy-to-read quick reference book. This book introduces and discusses basic principles of sedimentology.

Table of Contents

Part One:  Introduction to Sediments

  • Introduction

  • What is a Sediment?

  • The Sedimentary Cycle Transport of Sediments

  • Texture of Sediments

  • Mineralogical and Organic Composition of Sediments, Inorganic Chemicals in Sediments

  • Establishment of Background Concentrations

  • Background Concentrations of Inorganic and Organic Chemicals in Sediments

  • Reference Notes for Tables

  • References 

Part Two: Inorganic Sediment Tables

Part Three: Organic Sediment Tables

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