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How We Build Our Conference Programs

We take pride in our advanced review process that is designed to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of abstract submissions. This work is done by our two Scientific Advisory Boards that reflect the East Coast and West Coast agenda goals. 


Our board members personally review each abstract, bringing their expertise and insights to the table. Each abstract then goes through a rigorous evaluation, with a minimum of four reviewers (sometimes up to eight) providing their expert analysis. Using a 4-point scale, reviewers meticulously score each abstract, assessing its quality and relevance. These reviewers offer valuable advice on primary and secondary topics, providing guidance for the abstract's categorization. Additionally, they have the opportunity to leave comments, offering constructive feedback and further enhancing the review process. Through diligent analysis, reports are generated and data is extracted to serve as the foundation for the next steps in our conference planning.

To ensure the utmost quality and relevance, the dedicated subcommittees of our Scientific Advisory Boards collaborate with the Foundation to evaluate the review data. Together, they strategically group abstracts into sessions or mini sessions, creating a cohesive and dynamic program.


We believe in showcasing a diverse range of topics, which is why our session formation process incorporates both submitted abstracts and specially invited speakers. By doing so, we ensure that desirable topics are covered comprehensively, offering attendees a well-rounded and enriching experience.

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