Helping the international community 

adopt and maintain environmentally sound and sustainable practices


"The most striking and attractive feature of the Association of Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS), now the AEHS Foundation, is to provide a forum between the regulated and the regulatory communities for the environmental professionals. That is the reason I go to the West Coast Conference every year. As a regulator, that is the place to share my thoughts and ideas with my peers, to see how other people advance, and to keep myself motivated. I served on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Annual West Coast Conference, and also volunteer myself to serve on the student competition evaluation committee. I also serve as an associated editor for two AEHS Foundation journals. One of the journals, "Soil and Sediment Contamination", was one of the journals I read when I was a graduate student in college. I never thought that one day I would be an associated editor for that journal. AEHS Foundation continues to provide opportunities to advance my professional career."

Yue Rong, Ph.D.

California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles, CA

"AEHS has provided a solid foundation for both academics and professionals to grow in an erudite atmosphere. AEHS has been a very good sounding board for new ideas and concepts at their annual meetings and conferences. AEHS has helped me network with other professionals over the years. I have not only gained better business contacts through AEHS, but have made many life-time friendships through this organization. Not many other organizations can offer such a close collaboration in such a consistent format. I credit Dr. Paul Kostecki for having a great amount of vision and perseverance over the years. AEHS is a great success and I hope their success continues for many years to come.”

Andrew Coleman

Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA

“AEHS has been a part of my career for over 17 years now. I have been able to maintain close ties with many colleagues over the years and look forward to seeing them each year at the annual conference. AEHS has allowed me a reputable forum to present my work, moderate sessions, form special sessions, and to publish special session journals. Even though many people change companies throughout their career, they never get lost if they maintain their ties with AEHS!”

Leslie Karr

NFESC, Port Hueneme, CA

"I have been involved with AEHS for over 20 years. Through the years, AEHS allowed me to maintain my technological edge as an industry representative, state regulator, and consultant. Thanks to Drs. Paul Kostecki and Edward Calabrese, AEHS gives better than it gets in this very competitive business of the environment. AEHS has survived and prospered through hard times and less hard times, but through it all, AEHS has maintained an eye on the next technical issue deserving thought, study, and public input. AEHS is my best source for today's successes and tomorrow's new solutions."

Bill Kucharski

VP Pacific Operations AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc Honolulu, HI

“As an environmental professional for over 34 years, AEHS has given me unique opportunities to interact with other professionals from business, government, and academia on the most urgent and timely environmental issues confronting us. The atmosphere is professional and respectful. Input from the regulatory community is sought out and respected. Networking is encouraged and facilitated. I have found AEHS leadership and staff is interested in the organization, members, and guests and is always seeking ways improve.”

Stephen E. Eikenberry

AEHS Scientific Advisory Board, Ventura, CA