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Welcome to the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation's 15th survey of states' cleanup standards for hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and groundwater.  We began the survey in 1990 in response to the EPA's final rules for regulating underground storage tanks.  The survey was conducted on an annual basis from 1990 until 2001, and again in 2003, 2012, and 2015. The surveys continue to be a meaningful tool for environmental professionals concerned with hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater and soils.

While the majority of states enthusiastically participate, there are always a few states that do not. This is most likely the case if a particular state is not listed in a survey. In addition, the programs of each state tend to differ and therefore, the format of each set of information can be different and can change without notice.  We strongly recommend contacting the state before citing survey information.

The AEHS Foundation would like to thank all of the state contacts for their time and effort in helping to complete this survey.  This project is made possible by funding provided by the American Petroleum Institute.

As one of the many benefits AEHS offers its members, access to this survey is available free of charge. ISEF members and state regulators are also offered this advantage.

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