Helping the international community 

adopt and maintain environmentally sound and sustainable practices

Amherst Scientific Publishers, Inc.


Amherst Scientific Publishers, Inc. (ASP) is dedicated to the dissemination of high-quality, state-of-the-science technical, scientific, and policy information in environmental research and practice. Our books are books for environmental professionals by environmental professionals. Peers sharing their hard earned knowledge with their peers.

ASP, now affiliated with the Association for the Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation, offers a broad-based approach to information dissemination in the environmental field. The ASP principals are involved in training, research, and consulting. Their broad commitments keep them involved in cutting-edge technologies for environmental protection and cleanup.

The broad base of ASP interests is manifested in the depth of our offerings. Scientific and technical issues are discussed from a variety of perspectives, and the hands-on work of practitioners in the field is well represented. ASP offers the view from the laboratory, the field, the regulatory agency, and the workplace.