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"Thank you for creating what I think is the best, most informative conference out there."

"You did an amazing job with the conference. The Pathable platform was also about as real life as possible. 2 thumbs up, outstanding, excellent, awesome!"

"I want to commend you on a great conference and fantastic planning and organization. AEHS has done an outstanding job once again. The conference was a great success."

"I was very impressed with the ease of navigating the conference platform and how everything ran on time with little or no technical glitches."

"This is a great conference. Yesterday's session with PFAS experts really drove home how much we don't know about PFAS. The toxicology research was also enlightening - I'm going to stay tuned!"

"I have really enjoyed checking out everyone’s booths. This conference has been great."

"Congratulations on a very successful conference! You and your team organized an excellent virtual conference that should serve as an example to organizers of other conferences!”

"This conference came out of a research project that was funded by the DEP back in the early eighties to address petroleum contamination. Since then I come up just about every year, and every year I learn something. I think what's unique about this conference is the mixture of theoretical, academic, practical and regulator's perspectives which you don't get in a lot of conferences. I come hear for those two or three things that make me say Ah-ha! I'm really glad I came this year, because I really didn't have good insight into those two or three things until now."

John Fitzgerald, Regional Engineer in the Northeast Regional Office of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

"We are a risk assessment firm and the conference has been a great forum for providing risk assessment and eco-assessment concepts and for sharing ideas with people. The area I'm specifically interested in is forensic chemistry. Forensic chemistry means using scientific tools to allow investigators to determine who may be responsible for contamination. It's a burgeoning field right now because of the liability issues associated with cleaning up contaminated sites, and this conference has a long history of producing high quality papers and experts who can expound on some of the emergency theories and practices in that area."

Dallas Wait, Gradient Corporation, Cambridge, MA

"Some of the best fun, and some of the more interesting exchanges take place on the eleventh floor! We've always found it a very relaxing place to go. A lot of my colleagues will say, 'See you on the eleventh floor tonight!' It doesn't matter if the TV's on and somebody's watching a ball game; other people are talking about what went on all day. You bring up a session that you may have listened to and you start discussing it with someone else, and yet it doesn't feel like work."

Frank Peduto, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

"Being a state government employee…it's hard to keep abreast of all the research that's going on…This conference affords a great opportunity for us to stay informed."

Linda Blalock, North Carolina Division of Environmental Management

"I made some great contacts and was able to address some… work issues that people would otherwise not have solved."

Hope Oatman, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

"The variety of discussion topics are all relevant to environmental scientists, engineers, and regulators working with environmental investigations and cleanups. The environment and structure with this conference is conducive for networking opportunities."

Sandra Miller-Moren, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

"I learned a lot form the presenters, especially the session on RBCA."

Hans Kruger, Pocifin Limited, South Africa

"The technical content was presented at a level that makes it relevant and useful right away… The broad spectrum of academics, private companies and regulators is rarely seen at other such conferences."

Stephen Exposito, Jacques, Whitford & Associates

"Relevant/current information without all the salesmanship."

Mark Barnes, LANTDIV Naval Facilities Engineering Command

"The wonderful mix of research, case studies and analysis along with a mix of scientists, regulators and managers provide a great opportunity of interaction and learning."

Eugene Rutz, University of Cincinnati

"The workshops are excellent. They are the high point of the conference for me. Excellent topics and presenters. Current information. Good high quality handouts."

Berne Gagnon, Alaska District, US Army Corp of Engineers

"The University of Massachusetts provides a great learning environment."

Mike Pochop, State of South Dakota