Helping the international community 

adopt and maintain environmentally sound & sustainable practices


Virtual Conference Platform

The conference platform is called Pathable and is fully integrated with Zoom. If your company does not permit Zoom, you may have difficulty joining workshops and Zoom Rooms. Platform Sessions are webinar-style and will be accessible to all, even where Zoom is not permitted. Workshops are interactive and Zoom will be required.


All presenters must register by February 22nd. We are pleased to offer presenters the reduced rate of $195 for all four days (Monday - Thursday), including workshops. Workshops are free of charge, but pre-registration is required - select during registration. CEUs are optional/additional at $50.00 each and may be selected during registration. 

Click here to register before February 22nd (presenter registration deadline).

Accessing the Conference

Once registered, you will receive an email from the conference platform (Pathable) with a link and instructions to login. Check junk or spam if you do not see it (look for 30th Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air from the email After creating your login, we recommend bookmarking/favoriting the site for easy access throughout (and after) the conference. Be sure to use Chrome as your browser.


Length of Presentation

Presentations should be planned for a 20 to 25-minute maximum length, including questions. It is imperative that presenters adhere to the time frame, as the online format requires a 5-minute transition time. Speakers will change on the half hour. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Presentation Format

Presenters will join their session "green room" 20 minutes prior to the start of the session (instructions to do so will be sent via email). A staff member and a Session Chair will be present to assist in the green room. Each presenter will test their audio and screen sharing prior to going live. Once the session is live to attendees, the Session Chair will introduce the first speaker. The speaker will then share his/her screen and present the PowerPoint presentation. When the presentation is completed, the speaker will unshare their screen to answer questions.

Questions from the audience will be asked via the typed chat function in pathable. The session monitor will expedite the process of getting those questions answered.

Presenters will be invited to a training session 1-2 weeks prior to the conference where this information will be covered and parameters will be discussed.

We highly encourage including a photo/headshot in your profile. You may send this to us in advance as a .jpg or .png file and we will upload it to your profile for you. You will also have a chance to add your photo headshot after you receive access to the conference platform (1-2 weeks prior to the conference).

Best Practices for Presenting/Recording from Home

Maximize your local internet

  • Turn off all other devices in your home or office that have access to the internet (other computers, tablets, smart TV’s, game systems, etc.). 
  • Make sure your modem is accessible, i.e., not buried in a closet or too far away
  • Hardwire your computer to your modem, if possible
  • If you cannot hardwire, locate yourself as close to the modem as possible
  • Close all other programs on your computer and turn off notifications


  • A headset may be used
  • Laptop microphone will also work (try to eliminate or reduce surrounding noise)
  • Test audio in advance, as this can be one of the most common issues with presenting remotely
  • Position yourself so you are lit from the front and/or above
  • Do not have a window in the background. If it is your only option, close blinds/curtains to minimize backlighting.
  • Dress code is business casual/professional
  • Eliminate sounds and distractions during your presentation time. 
Be prepared
  • Have a backup computer available, if possible
  • Keep your laptop plugged in so that you are not relying on battery 
  • Organize your background to be clutter-free. A blank wall is fine. Do a test run to see how you look against your background. (TIP: Do not wear clothing that matches your background color)


Poster presenters are required to be “at” their posters for the poster sessions from 3:00pm – 6:00pm (Pacific Time) on Tuesday, March 23rd and Wednesday, March 24th. 

Attendees will be able to interact with poster presenters via the chat feature.

Attendees/Presenters may message each other via the conference platform, to allow for further discussion, if desired.

Deadlines and Submissions

Access to the conference platform (and your poster page) will be sent to all presenters about 2 weeks prior to the conference.

Your poster page will be set up to accommodate both a video file and/or a pdf of your poster (you may do one or both). See below Image.

If you wish to prepare a video, it must be under 5 minutes, less than 2GB in size, and either an MP4 file or a URL (if it is a URL, there is no size restriction, however, it must be under 5 minutes in duration).

Your poster file itself may be either a standard pdf or an interactive pdf.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT your poster and your video will be sent via email.

You will have the option to upload additional files, handouts, or other collateral on your poster page, along with your headshot once you have access to the site.

We highly encourage including a photo/headshot in your profile. You may send this to us in advance as a .jpg or .png file and we will upload it to your profile for you. You will also have a chance to add your photo headshot after you receive access to the conference platform.

Poster presenter pages will have the following features: